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I'm a software engineer with ten years of experience in developing web applications. I provide technical leadership for small teams.

My favourite language right now is Go, though I've had a lot of fun in Python before that. You can wake me up at night to talk about decentralization.

I am and speak Dutch, but I get around with English as well. I currently live and work in India. I'm open to remote working and love travelling.


Software Development

  • Develop backend systems for web applications and services. I have experience with various languages, databases and frameworks. I know my way around microservices and scaling of large websites.
  • Contribute to frontend development: I am familiar with Vue.js, React, Angular, Mitrhil, CSS and other frontend technologies.
  • I write tests to make my code better. I use BDD and API contract tests.
  • Serverless is my state of mind, I developed application using Google Cloud Platform, Amazon Web Services and Azure.
  • DevOps: automate CI/CD pipelines, build docker images, and infrastructure is code.

Technical Leadership

  • Work with engineers to design and architect complex systems. Work with product owners to prioritize and plan features.
  • Interview engineering candidates.
  • Inspire developers, perform code reviews and establish best practices.
  • Communicate and document effectively.
  • Give talks and workshops on various subjects including Cloud Native Development, Go, and decentralization.


Xebia · Senior Consultant | Gurgaon, India · Feb 2020 - present

  • Gave talks on Google Cloud, Go Architecture, IPFS and at the bi-weekly knowledge exchange sessions.
  • Participated as judge at the Hackaton of the technical university in Dheradun.
  • Participated in the hiring process by interviewing potential new hires.

Unifyed (via Xebia) · Senior Software Engineer | Gurgaon, India (remote) · Mar 2020 - Jul 2020

mongodb, nginx, microservices, jenkins, scrum

  • Implemented performance optimizations in a number of ways including hosting static files with nginx.
  • Planned and upgraded their running MongoDB PSA clusters from version 3.4 to 4.2. Upgraded MongoDB drivers in all microservices and resolved compatibility issues.
  • Identified and planned technical debt backlog. Took Scrum Master role and set up a team that worked according to the Scrum methodology. Enabled proper refinement, planning, daily stand-ups, demos and retrospective.
  • Implemented automated building and deployment of the platform using Jenkins.

Xebia · Consultant Software Engineer | Hilversum, The Netherlands · May 2017 - Jan 2020

  • Gave talks on blockchain and IPFS at the bi-weekly knowledge exchange sessions. Participated in bi-monthly innovation days.
  • Interviewed potential new hires.
  • Co-organized DjangoGirls Amsterdam 2019.

Duxxie (via Xebia) · Platform Developer | Utrecht, The Netherlands · Jun 2018 - Jan 2020

go, gcp app engine, event-sourcing, algolia, circleci, scrum

  • Tech lead for the development of the platform.
  • Developed on the backend written in Go with automated deployment to Google Cloud Platform App Engine.
  • Migration of App Engine from runtime v1 to v2. Worked with and expanded the custom event-sourcing system which uses GCP Task Queues. Implemented a catalogue search using Algolia. Introduced a CSM for the product catalogue.
  • Onboarding of external suppliers on the platform and integration of their systems.
  • Involved in the daily Scrum operation including refinement, planning, demos, retrospective and daily stand-ups.

Nextail (via Xebia) · Full-Stack Developer | Amsterdam, The Netherlands · Jun 2017 - May 2018

go, gcp app engine, algolia, circleci, vue.js, scrum

  • Launch of a multi-tenant e-commerce platform. Backend development in Go with automated deployment to Google Cloud Platform App Engine.
  • Incorporate legacy IBM WebSphere e-commerce backend., Implement product catalogue search using Algolia.
  • Contribute to front-end development in Vue.js.
  • Involved in the daily Scrum operation including refinement, planning, demos, retrospective and daily stand-ups.
  • Leading development team with remote workers.

Contracts11 · Software Engineer | Groningen, The Netherlands · Feb 2015 - Nov 2016

python, falcon, livescript, mithril, aws, microservices, rpc, nats, docker, rancher, elasticsearch, logstash, kibana, alertmanager

  • Involved in the research of a language to describe business processes. Generate models, database schemas, front-end and back-end functionality based on the descriptions. Research in decentralized technologies, smart contracts, Internet-of-Things and LoRaWAN.
  • Develop a back office system for a liquor trader that could process price lists in various formats. The system could show price trends across the market and advise on selling and buying. Develop a backend that uses Python, Falcon and a self-developed rpc system using NATS as message bus. Developed the front-end using Livescript, Mithril.
  • DevOps: Set up Jenkins, Postgres with automated migrations, monitoring, logging and alerting using ElasticSearch, Logstash, Kibana and Alertmanager. Set up Docker orchestration using Rancher. Automated deployment to AWS using EC2, ECS and S3 buckets.
  • Collect and prioritize client requirements and inquiries with weekly demos.
  • Helped organize the Web11 conference. Speaker at Web11 conference. Speaker at PyGrunn 2015.

Paylogic · Software Developer | Groningen, The Netherlands · Sep 2011 - Sep 2014

python, django, sqlalchemy, django, pytest

  • Research and select a Continuous Integration tool (selected Jenkins). Set up Jenkins including a build farm.
  • Set up automated database generation for local development. Set up automated testing using pytest. Automated database migrations using Alembic (SQLAlchemy). Analyzed and solved database performance issues.,
  • Developed back-end functionality for the ticketing platform using Python, Django, SQLAlchemy, pytest.
  • Developed front-end functionality using JavaScript/jQuery.
  • Speaker at PyGrunn 2012.

Ytec · Junior Software Developer | Groningen, The Netherlands · Nov 2009 - Jul 2010

python, django

  • Building web shops using Python and Django. Building the front-end using JS/jQuery.


Coach @ DjangoGirls

  • Organised: 03-02-2018 - Amsterdam
  • Coach in Groningen on 25-05-2019, 03-11-2018, 04-11-2017, 20-05-2017, 12-11-2016, 23-04-2016, 19-09-2015, 21-03-2015, 22-11-2014
  • Coach in Novi Sad, Serbia on 24-10-2015


Computing Science · Master of Science (MSc) · Software Engineering & Distributed Systems

Sep 2012 - Sep 2015, University of Groningen

Technische Informatica · Bachelor of Applied Science (B.A.Sc.) · Embedded Software Engineering

Sep 2007 - Jul 2012, Hanzehogeschool Groningen